Company and services

At Comauto Rent a Car we have one objective: to guarantee our customers a stress-free car rental experience by offering first class services.

9 years of experience speak to the quality of our work.

We are a company formed by a group of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the car business and our main focus is to continue offering the cheapest prices and the most solid services in car hire in the island of Tenerife.

At Comauto Rent a Car, we have tried to build an agile and flexible company, with a capacity for change and renewal in the face of every need and demand of our clients, the market and our company. For this, we have assembled a team with an excellent training, totally customer-oriented and always with the purpose of guaranteeing the maximum level of attention and satisfaction of our clients.

The most competitive prices

How can we have such low prices? At Comauto Rent a Car we have no intermediaries, such as a travel agency or a rental car comparator. That means that we can apply to our customers the savings that would usually be offered to these companies. And if that is not enough, our rates are “all inclusive”, meaning we do not charge any extra charges when picking up the vehicle.

A fleet in constant renewal

We renew our fleet constantly, which, together with an extensive car rental area in Tenerife, allows us to ensure safe and efficient driving at all times. Our customers can choose from a wide range of vehicles from the Citroën Brand. Satisfaction, security and enjoyment are our reason to be and the best advertising for Comauto Rent a Car.